Bicycles that resist to be forgotten

Do you have an old forgotten bicycle that no one uses?

Donate it and allow someone else to enjoy it as new. Therewith you will be contributing in the found raising to fight against Alzheimer.

We look after classic road and city bicycles up to the 80’s with steel frames. Bicycles in disuse that can get a second life by donating it to Palmira Cycles project.

What do we do with the bicycles people donate?

We disassemble them and keep only the frame and fork. We paint them with the Palmira colors and assemble them again with new components, to give old bicycles a second life, with soul and history.

The rest of the donated bicycle parts we keep them in our workshop at Ciclofactoria and they serve to repair other bicycles. The parts that are broken and cannot be repaired we through them to the scrap metal.

The donation of old bicycles will be received at our workshop in Ciclofactoría in Zaragoza, Spain

c/ Félix Latassa 10, 50.006 Zaragoza Tel: (+34) 876 014992

Examples of bicycles that became Palmiras


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