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Bicycles and social responsability

Bicicletas Palmira is a project by Ciclofactoría born out of the combination of our passion and values: bicycles and social commitmentWe firmly believe that the future, and the present, involves recycling and reusing, rather than manufacturing.

In our workshop in Zaragoza we repair and recycle any kind of bicycle, so it was just a matter of time to create our own brand, based on recovered bicycles. We create new bicycles out of recycled frames that people donate to the project.  Urban bicycles that keep the taste and memory of those of yesteryear, when each brand manufactured its frames with characteristic and unique geometries, pipes and fittings, combined with the comfort and reliability of the modern quality components. The rest of the components that we obtain from disassembling the donations are saved and used to fix other bicycles in our workshop. Each Palmira is a unique product, for those consumers who look for something different.

Fight against Alzheimer

To thank its former owners that these forgotten and donated bicycles can continue to live, generating new memories, we donate the 25% of the profits to the fight against Alzheimer, thus contributing to improve the living conditions of both Alzheimer’s patients and their families. The donations go to AFEDAZAssociation of Relatives of Patients of Alzheimer’s, that works to help relatives of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, give support and training to professionals of the sector and assist and improve the living conditions of the patients. Find out more about AFEDAZ on our Transparency page or on its website.

By giving a second life to bicycles that fell into oblivion, we want to remember our elders, boosting at the same time the sustainable development of our cities and towns, promoting the use of bicycles as the ideal transport for all people; a transport system that is friendly to the environment and healthy at the same time.

Do you want to know to whom and how much we donate of each Palmira?

Second life bicycles


We dismantle the donated bicycles and recycle them by repainting them with the Palmira colors and repair them if needed.


We assemble the recycled frames and forks with new components to give a second life to bicycles that fell in oblivion


There are not two Palmiras alike because each one is unique and unrepeatable. Old frames like BH, Orbea, Peugeot or Gitane are brands that tend to give body to our Palmiras.


By buying a Palmira you are donating the 25% of the benefits to improve the living conditions of Alzheimer’s patients.


Ahora mismo no estamos online, pero nos pondremos en contacto contigo enseguida.

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