In this section we try to solve any question about Palmira Cycles and its philosophy. If there is any other question you may have that is not answered here under, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Where do the donations go?

The donations obtained through the sale of our Palmira bicycles are destined to AFEDAZ. In our Transparency section you can learn more about this association, its mission and who benefits from the donations.

Are they new o recycled bicycles?

The frame and the fork, which represent the 40% of the bicycles, come from abandoned bikes or bicycles disuse. Very often we also recycle the original headset and bottom bracket of the bicycle. The rest of the components, the other 60%, are new.

If there are so many abandoned, forgotten or broken bicycles in our cities and towns, why not give them a second life in a different way?

How and where can I buy a Palmira?

At this moment our Palmira bicycles are exclusively for sale at our online shop and in Ciclofactoria.

How is the buying process of a Palmira?

Each Palmira is a unique piece, and therefore we usually assemble them on request. We ask you for a month of waiting, to be able to paint it in the color of your choice and mount the type of bicycle that you choose.

When buying a Palmira you can choose the model, the color, the size and the number of speeds. Even though it is a product build specially for you, if you buy it through the online store, you have 15 days to return it if you are not satisfied with the bicycle.

(check the Return Policy).

Do I get my money back if I am not happy with my purchase?

We are sure to offer a 100% of satisfaction to our customers, but if we fail on it, we give you the money back.

If you made your purchase through our online shop, you have 15 days to process the return in case you are not happy with what you got. The product must be in its original packaging and unused. You can read more about our return policy here.

How much time do we ask you to wait for your Palmira?

Since every Palmira comes from a donated abandoned bicycle, we can’t foresee a constant supply flow. When you buy your Pamira we ask you to wait maximum 1 month until you receive it.

If after 30 days we couldn’t assemble the bicycle of the characteristics you purchased and you don’t want to wait any longer, you can ask us for the full return of the money you payed.

Which size do I need?

To choose the correct size of the frame is very important for a comfy ride.

Click here to check the different frame sizes

What can you customize in your Palmira?

All the Palmiras have the same components, except for some incompatibilities between some components and types of frame.

The customer can choose between the size, the color and the number of speeds.


The customer cannot choose elements of the geometry of the frame, tube form and curves or the original brand of each frame. Neither can the customer choose between the type and color of wheels, saddle or tyres.

How much do we donate to the fight against Alzheimer?

We donate the 25% of the benefits of each Palmira to the AFEDAZ association.

Not every Palmira has exactly the same manufacturing costs, it depends on the wheel size or the type of threads in bottom bracket and head set. You can learn more about this in the Transparency section.

When do we donate the 25% of the benefits?

Each month, on the day 15th, we donate to AFEDAZ the corresponding amount for the Palmiras sold on the previous month.

Where do we get the bicycles we recycle from?

The frame and forks that we use to create our Palmiras come from old bicycles that have been donated. We don’t buy new frames because we give forgotten bicycles a second life.

What kind of bicycles we accept as donations?

The philosophy of the Palmira Cycles is to take bikes that have been forgotten, abandoned or simply no longer used, to recondition them and give them a second life transforming them into new, unique and soulful bicycles.

We accept bicycles that meet the previous condition and are made of steel, from any time until the end of the 80’s  and wheels of 650 (A and B) or 700c. That is, the typical city and road bike like Orbea, BH, GAC, Peugeot (and many other brands) that abound in our storage rooms and backyards.

We do not recycle modern bicycles of other materials than steel, or old bikes but with smaller wheels than those indicated above. In these cases, in which someone wants to donate a bicycle for a social purpose but we can not convert it into Palmira, we refer them to similar projects, such as El Gancho sobre ruedas.

Nor do we accept donations of bicycles whose value is greater than it would reach by becoming a Palmira. That is, diamonds that are best kept as they are. In that case, we warn the customer that he has a special bicycle and we insist that it is better to keep it that way.

We are nourished by bicycles of people who want to collaborate in the project, contributing their bit in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

Can I turn my old bicycle into a Palmira for myself?

Of course yes!

Let’s suppose you have a bicycle that is ramshackle, it is expensive to repair it but you don’t want to get rid of it, because you are fond of it and, in addition, you need a bicycle.

We turn it into Palmira so you can continue enjoying it, but as if it were new. The process and the cost would be exactly the same as if you bought a Palmira, because although the bike is yours, the cost of disassembling it, painting it and assembling it with the new components with which we assemble our Palmiras is the same.

In this case, the quantity donated to the fight against Alzheimer is the same as if it wasn’t your own old bicycle.

How many recycled parts can I find in a Palmira?

In principle, every Palmira has new components mounted on a recycled frame and fork.

Due to the incompatibility of certain parts of old bicycles with the materials of today, we reserve the right to assemble some more second-hand parts, apart from the frame and the fork, on some bicycles.

These components might be:

  • Head set
  • Bottom bracket
  • Stem

What about the warranty?

Each component of a Palmira has the 2- year warranty offered by the producer.

In frames and forks we offer a 5-year warranty against accidental breaks that do not have to do with improper use of the bicycle. In the event that a frame or fork breaks due to causes other than falls, knocks or misuse, Bicicletas Palmira will replace the piece with one of the same size, characteristics and color.

We give a second life to bicycles that fell into oblivion to finght against Alzheimer.


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